Mantels & Antique Beams

We pride ourselves on our wide selection of finished reclaimed wood beams. Whether for a fireplace surround, corner posts, or ceiling beams, you can find what you’re after among our showroom and warehouse inventories.

We Stand Behind Our Work

All QuarterSawn beams are cleaned, treated, and finished on site at our warehouse. We have a large selection of finished pieces already on our showroom floor, but with the flexibility to pick and process raw beams from our inventory we can work with you to get you exactly the look and style you want.

Hand Hewn

Hand hewn beams exemplify the brilliant character that reclaimed wood has to offer. Sometimes deep and pronounced, sometimes more subtle, the marks of the plane drawn by the original builder show in an obvious way the history and heritage of its craftsmanship.

Rough Sawn

The rough sawn texture displays the original  saw marks from the builders and craftsman that first handled and used the timbers. These saw marks make for handsome character and beautiful texture with any finish.

Box Beam Wraps

The perfect solution to cover existing beams and columns. Virtually seamless, box beam wraps are milled with securely closing miter lock corner joints to tightly surround any vertical or horizontal beam – structural or decorative – that already stands in your space.

Unbeatable Finished Selection

With close to a hundred fully finished reclaimed mantels on our shelves, we are the first stop in your hunt for the perfect beam.

Raw Beams

We know every space is unique. For those projects that need a natural, textured look with lots of character, we keep a wide variety of raw, unfinished beams in stock and on hand for you to look through and hand select.